The aim of BRAINSCAPES is to map in detail the biological mechanisms underlying multiple brain disorders ('brainscaping').

Recent genetic discovery studies have provided unprecedented insight into the genes involved in brain disorders. The next step is to use this knowledge for gaining mechanistic disease insight. In BRAINSCAPES we will develop novel analytic and experimental tools to study the functional consequences of risk genes on the function of specific cells, their circuits and functional output. We aim to provide insight into the molecular and cellular basis of complex brain disorders that can be used to design novel treatments.


June 19, 2020 / our-news

SNAREopathies: new syndrome classification based on mechanism

A position paper by Brainscapes partner Matthijs Verhage (VU University), and Jakob Sørensen (University of Copenhagen), published in Neuron on June 19, proposes to unify syndromes caused by mutations in eight core components of the synaptic secretion machinery, based on common etiology and mechanism.
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June 1, 2020 / our-news

Uffelmann and Posthuma review moving from GWAS to neurobiology

The invited review includes a detailed overview of tools and resources that aid in interpreting GWAS results and is published in Biological Psychiatry.
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